Why To Join Taekwondo

People today face a lot of challenges in their lives. They have chores to get done, friends to hang out with, work to do, and they are inundated with all sorts of technology. People are easily distracted these days from doing the things they need to do. People are also making unhealthy choices in their lives. They have so many different ways to be distracted including video games, television, and movies. They are inundated with advertisements every day that are actually targeted at them. Fast food restaurants are focusing their advertisements on people in an effort to make them look alot more appealing in way that is more harmful and catastrophic in the long run. By learning Taekwondo, we can really change our life style in such a way that our life boosts into the positive zone of health and integrity. Not only that, but it also make us have more disipline and ideals to live with in our life making it much more than just ordinary! Here are some important factors which contribute to the fact why Taekwondo is very important......


One of the main focuses in Taekwondo is discipline. You will learn lessons in doing things you don't want to do to get the results you want to have. You are going to learn that the instant gratification of the world is not always the best path to getting what you want.

Physical Activity

With video media and entertainment everywhere it is more important than ever for people to get off the couch and do some exercise! There are a lot of different things that a person could do when they are exercising but many of those things require groups however a group or even a partner is not always available. Taekwondo can be done with other people or alone, making it an interactive way for a person to exercise without feeling like they are doing something hard.

Goal Setting

People who set goals are far more likely to get what they want than folks who don't. In Taekwondo we have a belt system which provides goals for the young student to focus on achieving. The kids can then take these goal setting practices into their lives outside of Taekwondo and apply them in everything else. Once you have set and achieved some goals, you will know what it means to work hard to get something that you want. You will also know the joy of getting what you were striving for. This is a priceless lessons for people to learn, while they are still they can!

Self Esteem

Self-esteem comes with achieving results! When someone with low self-esteem join Taekwondo they start to achieve goals. You will be exercising and getting more control over your bodies and earning their next belt rank. These results lead into you doing better in gym class and you could start doing better in life all around. You will start to get confidence in yourselves because you are hitting your goals in not only Taekwondo but also in the other areas in your lives, too!

Respect for Authority

Nothing demands respect like a martial arts teacher. Martial arts teachers seem to just have an air of authority that demands respect. Respect is taught in our Taekwondo School here in Red Dragon as an essential piece of the martial arts!

Listening Skills

Let's face it when it comes to listening humans simply are not good at it. In Taekwondo however you will learn to listen and to pay close attention to the instructor and other people, so that you will be able to follow along in class to achieve the goals you set.

Group Work

From breaking board to tournament skills you will be working with other people to learn how to do just about everything. This will teach you how to lead and how to follow intelligently. This is an important life lesson and you will be able to take this lesson out into your life for the rest of IT!

As I have mentioned this list of benefits could be taken out into every area of your life. There is no limit to what we can do when we work together.

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